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Some thoughts on my journey . . .

I've been telling stories as long as I can remember. My undergraduate degrees were in Art and Creative Writing, and from there I studied at Oxford in England and then obtained an MFA in Oil Painting in New York. Along the way, I picked up an additional graphic design degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I'll never fill my toolbox with enough ways to tell a story or capture a vision - there's always something new to learn.

After graduate school, I worked at a gallery in NYC for several years, then on the editorial staff of a lifestyle magazine in Virginia, always doing freelance art work on the side. My clients have been fascinating and varied - I've designed logos and helped build brands for a Ukrainian humanitarian aid effort, a kombucha brewer, a tea house maven, a family therapy center and more recently, a film studio. 

Whether I'm slapping oil to canvas for a portrait commission or debating the merits of a lizard versus a pair of cleats to best illustrate a book cover, I've done my best to tackle each new project with a refined eye and a unique aesthetic. Every piece is different because every client has their own singular vision and story to tell. My job is to listen with an open mind, and my reward comes in bringing a client's hopes and dreams into visual reality.

- Lynsey

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